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Directory Listings & Advertising Placement Opportunities

Representative Directory
Complimentary - no cost
Basic listing for manufacturer representatives is available at no cost.
CLICK HERE to see if you are currently listed and if you are, if your record needs updating.
To submit a new listing or edited information EMAIL BRENDA
Consultant Directory
$ 200 basic listing
$ 400 showcase listing
A listing of those individuals and companies that provide services to or work with architects and interior designers in the building & construction industry. Consultants are listed by and searchable by category. To add your company or service to the Consultant Directory just complete the INQUIRY FORM at the bottom of this page.
Adding Showcase Graphics to your listing prioritizes the search results in each category by displaying those consultants with Showcase Graphics nearest the top of the listings.
See full description of the Showcase Listing below.
For an example of the thumbnail graphic CLICK HERE
For an example of the column-wide graphic CLICK HERE
Featured Product
$500 per product listing
per year
The large product block on BDResources' home page,, featured both in the primary block and in the thumbnail scroll bar below the primary block. Your photo with info will come up in the primary block as it rotates through the entire scroll - a new photo in the scroll appears in the featured block each time the home page is opened.
The featured products also appear throughout the website as graphic blocks in the right column. Clicking on any of the photos in any of the locations takes the user to your website.
To see an example of the Featured Product block CLICK HERE.
To see an example of the Vertical Graphic Blocks CLICK HERE
Manufacturer Showcase Listing
$600 per year
Provides a higher visibility for your listing and priority placement in search results for manufacturers and for consultants.
  • * Thumbnail graphics appear by your listing in the initial search results and a column-wide graphic appears on the page with your individual record.
  • * Provides you with additional custom copy to communicate details or features of one or more aspects of your company's products/services.
  • * Showcase Listing for manufacturers also increases the priority of your companhy during searches - bringing your company to the top of search result listings.
  • For an example of the showcase search result listing CLICK HERE
    For an example of the showcase company detail page CLICK HERE

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